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Annual admission to Newcastle Castle

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Price From: £12.50, £35.25 for a family pass

Buy an entry ticket to Newcastle Castle, and visit as many times as you'd like for a whole year at no additional cost.

From a royal fortress to grim dungeons, visitors can experience what life would have been in the past in these two astonishingly preserved medieval buildings.

Useful Information

  • The tickets offer the freedom and flexibility to explore the Castle at your leisure, coming back as many times as you'd like.
  • Families can have a recurring fun day out during the holidays or weekend without having to pay multiple times.
  • All tickets are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.
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Newcastle Castle

Newcastle Castle

Newcastle Castle is a must-visit attraction in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne which not only explores the rich history of the city but also offers incredible views from its rooftop. There is much to discover about Newcastle Castle, from which the city gained its name many centuries ago.

The Newcastle Black Gate and Castle Keep have been subject to a vast amount of research over the last couple of years which has revealed a colourful and grim history. The uncovered stories include prisoners being hung drawn and quartered to an unusual tale of a youngster being killed by a flying donkey.

The Keep currently stands as one of the UK's finest medieval stone castle dungeons which is still open to the public. Visitors to the iconic castle will enjoy picturesque views, alongside in-depth history displays covering the backgrounds of castle inhabitants over the ages, and offering an insight into Newcastle's ancient heritage.

From a royal fortress to grim dungeons, new exhibits allow visitors to experience what life would have been like for inhabitants in these two astonishingly preserved medieval buildings. The Newcastle Castle has also hosted several ghost-hunting exhibitions due to its grim history and apparent sightings of The Poppy Girl, a previous resident of the castle who was jailed for owing people money and was beaten and died in the castle prison.

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