Roman two-hour tour

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Duration 2 Hours

Hadrians Wall, the UNESCO world heritage site is the frontier of the Roman Empire. The frontier extended for 80 roman miles and covers many landscapes. Segedunum was the first fort on the wall, so why not visit it first? The fort is home to fantastic reconstructions of the Roman way of life such as a section of the wall which can be viewed and walked along and a museum that brings the Roman world to life. You will be able to step into the Roman world and learn about this fantastic, ruthless but creative culture that conquered much of the known world. The fort was home to the mixed cavalry and infantry unit of troops from France- the fourth cohort of Lingones. It was their job to defend the river and to ensure that the frontiers wild Britons were policed.

Your guide will explain and share the stories that the fort has and give you an insight into Roman life at the Northern frontier of the Empire. This tour is great for those who love history, wish to discover more about the Romans while being close to an urban area.

What to bring

  • Clothing for any weather (this is England, after all!)
  • Shoes you're comfortable walking in
  • A camera to capture photos of your favourite sights


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